Nigeria’s biggest real estate company, (PWAN)

If you don’t grab this Once-in-a-lifetime real estate opportunity now, you will regret it in your old age 

I bought a land for 500k reluctantly and sold it for 200 million naira 5 years later
Lorry P
Property owner
I bought 20 acres of land in Ogun state for N600, 000 per acre for N12m, when I sold 10 years later I sold for N500, 000 per plot, I raked in N60, 000,000 to the bank.
Dr Augustine Onwumere
Chairman PWAN Group
My father's property in victoria island sponsored me and my siblings to the best schools in the world
Pastor Paul Adefarasin
Senior pastor (house on the rock)

Dear friend, my name is Dr. Augustine Onwumere. I am the founder and Executive Chairman of PWAN Group, Nigeria’s foremost real estate company.

I feel very sad when I see retirees who were doing well during their active working years live in penury because their only source of income has dried up and they no longer have the strength to hustle in order to pay their basic bills and take care of their families.

I wouldn’t want you to end up like that, that is why today, I’m  presenting you with a golden opportunity to secure your future with this rare real estate investment that will take care of you very well in your old age. 

Wise people often say that it’s better to be safe than be sorry. 

Being safe in this instance means buying cheap landed property now, being sorry means regretting in your old age (when you can no longer hustle like you do now to pay your bills) for not making provisions to buy at least a plot of land when you were younger which will take care of you in your retirement.

My brothers and sisters, make no mistake about it, unlike what many people think, you do not need to break a bank to buy a plot of land. You can start with whatever amount you have saved up in your bank account; as someone with estates spread across 30 states of Nigeria, you should trust my judgement on this.

I repeat, you can own your own piece of real estate that will take care of you in your old age without giving an arm and leg in return. All you need is the right information and opportunity like this. 

Follow me…lets take a deep dive into what you stand to gain if you tap into this opportunity now

The rewards for taking my advice to invest in real estate are immense and I’ll illustrate it with a true life story. In 1996, my friend Lawrence, popularly referred to as Lorry P, bought 4 plots of land here in Lagos State, not by plan, but to get the land marketer who was disturbing him off his trail. He paid instalmentally, fenced the plots of land, forgot about the land when he finished making payment and went about his normal business.

After about 5 years, Lawrence’s flourishing importation business hit a brickwall. He had problems with his containers due to unfavorable govt. policies; he lost everything. One day, he was at home thinking about how to get back on his feet when he stumbled on the land documents,

For the first time in 5 years Lorry P.  turned up to inspect his land and he decided to clear the overgrown bushes inside the land. Incidentally, the owner of the adjoining plot of land also came for inspection and met Lorry P clearing his land. He asked to see the owner of the land and Lorry P. replied that he is the owner.

He said he’s interested in Lorry P’s 4 plots of land and asked Lorry P. for a quote. Lorry P. asked if he can pay N150m, the man said he will pay N100m.  

After a few back and forth, Lorry P sold 2 plots to the said man for N200m. These are plots of land he bought for N500k per plot just 5 years ago.

I also have a similar personal story; I bought 20 acres of land in Ogun state for N600, 000 per acre for N12m, when I sold 10 years later I sold for N500, 000 per plot, I raked in N60, 000,000 to the bank. Interestingly, I  did not even pay the N12m at once, I paid it over two years, can you beat that?

The beauty of real estate business is that you can start small, e.g. with a half plot of land and grow big into owning multiple plots of land in different locations. The more you invest, the higher your returns on investment. It all depends on the strategy you adopt.

One of the smartest investment strategies I’ve seen in all my years of practising real estate is buying multiple plots of land in the interior when it is cheap, waiting for a couple of years for the price to appreciate, selling off a couple of plots like Lorry P did and using proceeds realized to develop the remaining plots.

Listen carefully, the production of every other product like phones, textiles, food, electronics, cars etc, can be ramped up to meet increasing population; only land can’t be produced again, so the earlier you get a piece in your name, the better for you. This is why the importance of land ownership can’t be over-emphasised.

Popular American financial consultant, Rusell Sage, once said “Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.”​

To put this in perspective, after all the destruction of WWI and WWII, despite all the ongoing Russian destruction in Ukraine, land will still remain the same; land! It can’t be destroyed like other properties and investments that gets destroyed during war or natural disaster. This is why wise people, even clergymen recommend real estate ownership.

All that I’ve said so far about real estate investment is in line with what Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House On The Rock, a cleric well known for encouraging his congregants to invest in real estate as one of the surest ways to make money, especially in Nigeria, was quoted as saying: “Anytime there is a major wealth transfer in the Bible, God gives the people He’s transferring wealth to, land. You have nothing in terrestrial terms unless you have land.”

On another occasion Pst Adefarasin was quoted as saying that “One of the best places to buy land in the whole world, in fact, the best place to buy land in the whole world, in terms of value is right here in Lagos, Nigeria. The most expensive land in the world is right here in Ikoyi and Banana Island.

“You may not be able to afford Banana Island or Ikoyi right now, but please go and buy land somewhere quickly because God transfers wealth by giving you land.

“​A period of time after you’ve bought the land, He increases the value of the land, because you being on that land adds value to it, as a result, more people want to come.”

Pastor Adefarasin became a strong advocate of real estate business when the building his father built on a small plot of land in Victoria Island years ago, trained him and his siblings through school and still yielded millions of naira as his share when the family decided to liquidate the property. 

As the founder of Nigeria’s foremost real estate company in Nigeria, I, Dr. Augustine Onwumere,  want to assure you that your money is safe when you invest in real estate with the right real estate company like PWAN.

Nobody, I repeat nobody, out of the thousands of PWAN investors has ever lost their investment funds. Our offers across our estates in 30 states of Nigeria has raised many millionaires property owners who now live in luxury due to their real estate investment with us.

You too can start your real estate ownership journey by making your choice out of all our estates listed below:

You don't have to pay all at once

 Just make sure you take the first step and  you can spread your payment over multiple installements.

Unlike when you buy land from other roadside realtors or omo-oniles, when you buy land from PWAN, you’re buying from Nigeria’s biggest real estate company with is attendant benefits.

All PWAN plots of land are problem-free and this saves you from dangerous and expensive land disputes in the future.

All our plots of land have good titles and free from government acquisition either now or later. Our experts carry out due diligence before we acquire land.

Our estates are secured with perimeter fencing, well planned with access roads, drainages, and allocation for modern estate amenities like playing ground, walk-ways, gym etc.

No hidden charges are collected when you buy from us.

PWAN allows you to start now and pay in installment over time till you finish paying and take full ownership of your land.

We know that not everyone can make full outright payment for land in the location they want due to the economic situation in Nigeria right now. That is why we have included instalmental payments in our payment plans. You can make commitment to starting your land ownership journey by filling the subscription form for land in your desired location and making initial deposit, then spread balance over stipulated period of time. 

I assure you today that the land you are about to buy from PWAN MAX estate today will definitely take care of you in your old age and even your unborn generation either as shelter over your heads or generational source of rental income.

Take that leap of faith today and secure your future with property in PWAN MAX Estate.

See you at the top!

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