Earn Up To 40% Profit On Your Real Estate Investment With MAXTRADE In Just 12 Months…GUARANTEED!

…You even get an upfront postdated cheque of your investment capital plus the accrued 40% profit at the point of subscription

MaxTrade investors get richer by 40% from their real estate investment without breaking a sweat….guaranteed! How better can it get?

Dear friend,

If I can show you an opportunity to get richer by 40% within 12 months without you having to raise a finger, would you be interested?
I’m sure nobody wants to miss such a lifetime opportunity like MaxTrade, so I’ll just go ahead and spill the beans.

MaxTrade is a ‘buy and sell’ real estate investment tool developed by PWAN MAX that offers investors a solid way to earn mouth-watering returns on their real estate investment without the stress involved in trying to develop the property or find buyers for the property when it is time to take profit.
In the past PWAN Max has had investors, who bought land as an investment tool, struggle to find buyers for their land when they needed to cash out.

MaxTrade, therefore, is a product of necessity as it was born to help erase investors’ fear of not getting buyers for the plots of land they’d purchased as an investment when they need urgent cash.In simpler terms, MaxTrade is like investing in stocks. When you buy a company’s stock, you do not bother your head about the daily operations of the company, you simply go about your usual daily activities and at the end of the fiscal year you collect your dividends.

The only difference with MaxTrade is that we do not leave you hanging wondering what your dividends will be at the end of the fiscal year like other companies investors buy stocks from do. No.  we’ve mastered the real estate to the point where we are sure of paying you 40% profit (call it dividends if you like) on your investment at the end of our fiscal year.

Just bring your investment, and we use it to expand our real estate business as other companies do, we do better (unlike your regular investment where you get no collateral as evidence of investment) by allotting you a plot of land worth your investment amount (just in case the worst happens), and at the end of the fiscal year, you return our property to us and cash-out the postdated cheque (your capital plus 40% profit) we issued you at point of subscription 12 months ago.

For example, if you invest N1m in MaxTrade by PWAN Max in January 2023, we will give you a post-dated cheque of N1.4m payable in December 2023 and a contract of sale document (proof that you own the land for the period of contract tenor which is 12 months), then you return the contract of sale document to us by December 2023 and withdraw the cheque of N1.4m which we issued you at point of subscription in January 2023.

MaxTrade investors get richer by 40% from their real estate investment without breaking a sweat….guaranteed! How better can it get?

MaxTrade investment tool is easy to use, transparent and secure. It is set up to be one of the biggest co-ownership initiatives not just in Nigeria but in Africa and the world.

MaxTrade is aimed at enriching investors through a profit-sharing initiative powered by one of Nigeria/Africa’s biggest and leading Real Estate brand PWAN MAX.

Aside from erasing the fear of land sales among real estate investors, MaxTrade also offers a golden opportunity for low and middle-income earners to partake in the high profits from real estate investments.


With our average properties costing between N5million to N500m, many prospective investors may not be able to afford to invest in real estate. But with MaxTrade, which is focused on giving middle-class and low-income investors an incredible opportunity to buy a piece of land by investing a minimum of N75,000 or more and getting a return on investment of up to 40% within 12 months, many more middle and low-income investors can now partake in real estate investments and profits.


MaxTrade works by making available a list of estates that have been evaluated to appreciate the highest and fastest over 12 months, invites the client to identify an estate from the list, make their pick from the list, decide on an investment sum to invest, and wait 12 months to collect 40% profit plus capital invested.

In essence, you check out our array of estate options, determine the amount you want to invest, make the payment of that amount, and we apportion you property worth that sum, issue you an agreement covering the terms of the transaction, you keep copies of your agreement as well as a post-dated cheque of the lump sum amount invested plus the 40% profit to be made within the tenure, and in 12month’s time, you return the documents of the land and you go ahead and cash your cheque.

It’s as simple as ABCD…


In other words, investors buy a piece of land from PWAN Max for as low as N75,000, 12 months later, PWAN Max helps the investor sell the land for 40% profit without the investor doing anything as much as lifting a finger.

Investors who invest over N50m and above in MaxTrade are given irresistible and mouth-watering incentives.

Investors are allowed to make a minimum investment of N75,000.

Over the last 10 years, PWAN Max and MaxTrade have dazzled the world with exceptional luxury real estate projects while still coming up with great initiatives that require huge financial injections.

We have, therefore, designed MaxTrade investment initiative as an opportunity to help low-income as well as high-income investors actualize their dream of owning a piece of land while also reaping massive returns from their investments after 12 months.

The idea is to have a co-owner partnership aimed at enriching investors through a profitable investment initiative.

in MaxTrade are given irresistible and mouth-watering incentives.

PWAN Max has estates we are developing with MaxTrade in multiple locations in Lagos, Asaba, Benin, Enugu and other locations in Nigeria.

Max Trade can, however, be accessed from all our offices all over the Nigerian federation.

Kindly find the current list below. If there are more, you will be informed:

There is no ceiling on the amount that investors can invest in MaxTrade.

Yes, you will be paid your capital plus ROI of 17.5% – 20% in 6 months or 40% in 12 months right after you make payments for your investment. As a matter of fact, you will be given a post-dated check right after you activate your payment.

Let’s say you invested N10m in Max Trade, PWAN Max will issue you a postdated cheque of N14m, payable on the expiration of your tenor

You can’t extend your tenure because your capital committed is already in use. The only thing you can do is you do a fresh investment with fresh funds or wait till the maturity of your current investment then re-invest in your preferred tenure.

N10m in Max Trade, PWAN Max will issue you a postdated cheque of N14m, payable on the expiration of your tenor

As an investor in diaspora, you can access MaxTrade by PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited by contacting us directly via our designated official telephone numbers – 08099999738, 08060430406, 08077559222 or email – maxtrade@gmail.com officialtmg@gmail.com with your enquiries and requests.

We will pick it up from there and send you the subscription forms electronically, fill and return back to us electronically, you then go ahead and make payment and you get your contract of sale document and [post-dated cheque sent to you electronically.

You can also appoint a trusted person to undertake the MaxTrade subscription process for you in proxy.

Excerpt for force majeure, whatever terms you signed with us at the point of subscription will be fulfilled 12 months later as we are not affected by any shocks in the real estate industry.

At MaxTrade by PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited, your capital funds and returns on investments (R.O.I) profits are 100% secured with us. We have been doing these investments for the past 7 years and we have not failed any investor.

Over the past 10 years, PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited have acquired a vast number of landed properties and is still acquiring more. Many of these properties are in various levels of development and in several states of Nigeria. We have also, together with our Group Company (PWAN GROUP), built a strong, formidable and massive marketing force of over 300,000 professional realtors marketing our properties in Nigeria and in diaspora. We also opened offices numbering over 150 in the nation and 3 in Ghana, United States and Dubai.

We make daily Real Estate Sales on the efforts of our professional realtors, and marketers, whom we daily train on how to market and sell real estate. From the income we generate geometrically on a daily basis, we are able to have a good financial statement that is bankable. Also, from the proceeds of this daily cash flow, we are able to make savings and pay back any investor that invests with us.

These investment packages are intentionally designed to enable us to develop our estates by ensuring the construction and building of internal and external infrastructures and facilities so that they will be sellable because we do not want to dip hands into our sales cash flow proceeds from landed properties which of course is being used to part-pay owners of these properties on an instalment basis.

Developing these estates with internal and external infrastructures enables us to sell faster, keeping our cash flow strong and therefore it becomes a win-win situation for we the developers and the investors.
So, there’s no risk whatsoever in investing in MaxTrade.


No. An investor cannot request for his/her capital funds & returns on investment (R.O.I) profit before the expiration of their investment tenor. Your contract of sale document, which you will receive from us, as well as the frequently asked questions at the back of your subscription form clearly stipulate this clause.

It is highly expedient to note that every investment into MaxTrade that you commit to us must run its tenor until the end or fruition of contract.

Yes. All PBOs worldwide and nationwide are 100% allowed to promote and market Max Trade as it is an exclusive product for all 1M plus members. Direct commission for PBOs is 10% of the transaction amount while the indirect commission is 2.5%.


In the past 7 years in the PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited, over 400 transactions of such have been treated with recommendations and referrals from satisfied and happy real estate traders.

We are able to pay high profits on your MaxTrade investments as much as between 20-40% within 12 months because of our strong cash flow. The profit we pay out is below the actual profit you would have gotten if you could sell the property you invested in by yourself but because we are experts in Real estate trading which is more solid than Bitcoin trading, Forex trading, Stocks, Shares and Bonds, we are able to quickly flip the property and pay you your profit as at when due.

MaxTrade uses land and properties as its trading commodity both of which are imperishable.

MaxTrade is a great alternative investment strategy, specifically for investors that just want to invest, wait and get good profit over time. You can decide to re-invest the capital and profit after a 12-month with-holding period.

You cannot go wrong with real estate investment, especially with PWAN MAX which is a member of the PWAN GROUP.

There is no other institution paying as much as we pay in MaxTrade which is 40% within 12 months.

You get a collateral which is the land you are purchasing in case of default, which is rare, with PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited.

Upon investing in MaxTrade by PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited, you get a post-dated cheque for your capital funds investment plus returns on investment (R.O.I).

The property you invest into comes with an excellent registered title that prevents any form of encumbrances or altercations.

Your asset is constantly increasing in value as development takes place on site at different stages.

By investing in MaxTrade by PWAN Max Property & Business Solutions Limited, you are protected from indigenous land owners’ (a.k.a omo-onile) wahala.

While you await future economic developments, your investment constantly increases in value.

MaxTradeis open to middle and high-income earners as our trading options are tailor-made to suit your investment capacity.

Unlike other trading options, land is a safe investment that will always be in demand for one reason or another.

With MaxTrade, you get to put your money and go to bed because we are responsible for the trading procedure.

Over time, families have secured important bills using MaxTrade as their capital is locked down for future use.






With Max Trade, investors can easily book an inspection trip to the site so that they can see their investments anytime.

They can also visit our website to monitor how well the property they signed up for is appreciating.

This way, investors can monitor their investment appreciation physically and electronically and make actual plans for what to do with the funds at the end of the tenure of the trade.

Upon seeing how well their transaction is doing, an investor can go ahead and add another trade to their Portfolio just to leverage on the available opportunity of living above recession and inflation.


I felt 110% confident in partnering with PWANMAX and investing in Max Trade By PWAN MAX.
Akin Komolafe
Nobody knows Real Estate investments and land trading better than the guys at PWAN MAX
Femi Akinbobola
The guys from MaxTrade by PWAN MAX are by far the BEST Professional Realtor we’ve ever worked with.
Mr. & Mrs. Oladiti.
The guys at MaxTrade by PWAN MAX sure know how to keep their client’s best interests at heart and in sharp focus.
Amanda Ofor.
The guys at MaxTrade by PWAN MAX are skilled listeners and expert negotiators.
Abagail Ilesanmi.
The MaxTrade crew from PWAN MAX understood our needs and worked with our time frame as regards our expected returns on investments.
Ifeoluwa Olasakin.
MaxTrade negotiators gave us many helpful suggestions on how to best get the desired returns on our investments in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX.
Robert Dike.
The MaxTrade team ensured that my subscription plan in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX met all my expectations.
Diana Olonode.
The guys at MaxTrade by PWAN are professionals that truly love what they do and ensure that translates to value and our utmost satisfaction after investing in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX.
Sarah Owoicho.
The PWAN MAx team made a MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX video tour for us so we could see firsthand with adequate information what we would be investing in.
George & Tabitha Ilechukwu.
The MaxTrade crew are extremely competent in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX real estate investment transactions and will ensure that you get value for your money.
Mike Balogun.
We had great success investing in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX and we highly recommend anyone who wants to invest to give Omotayo Ladega & Leslie Ejiro of MaxTrade by PWAN a call. They were very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Henry & Titi Popoola
I invested in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX through Omotayo Ladega & Leslie Ejiro and I discovered their level of service to be above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend them to any future real estate investors if they require a great level of service.
Linda Nwachukwu
We would like to personally thank Omotayo Ladega & Leslie Ejiro for the hard work they put in whilst we invested our funds in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX. I had met them both several times as I had been researching how to multiply my cash flow and found their real estate knowledge was robust & adequate. We would highly recommend any future investors to work with them as together they are a force to be reckoned with.”
Annabel & Kola Alabi.
We chose Omotayo Ladega & Leslie Ejiro of PWAN MAX to help us invest our hard-earned funds in MAX TRADE by PWAN MAX after looking at 3 other agents. We certainly made the right choice. Tayo & Leslie were upfront and honest with us from the start, stating what they would do for us but also what we needed to do for them. Armed with this information and with them keeping us informed all the way, they were able to help us invest in the right property in 5 days for more than our expected returns on investments. Their bright and bubbly personality contributed to our success..
Geraldine and Tony Obi.
I made lots of investments with other companies and have yet to get something like this. I've been speaking to a lot of people about PWAN and I've found out that PWAN is the place to be. I enjoyed my investment with PWAN in 2022 and I rolled over to 2023. I've called a lot of people to come to join me in PWAN. PWAN is not Ponzi, PWAN is genuine. PWAN investments don't depreciate, they keep appreciating. PWAN has affiliates and offices all over the 36 States of Nigeria, and as a matter of fact, has gone outside Nigeria. Thumbs up to PWAN Group, thumbs up to PWAN Max and thumbs up to myself. Thank you.
Satisfied MaxTrade Customer

Investors who are already convinced about MaxTrade and want to invest with MaxTrade right away can make payments into the following bank accounts:


Acct No.: 1012303903 – KEYSTONE BANK

OrAcct No: 5401296762 – PROVIDUS BANK

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